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Hunter Knives – The Game Throwing Knife Set


Hone your skills to a dart-like accuracy and amaze your friends when you play.

Product Description

The Game Throwing Knife  Set

12 x 6.5″ Knives, Instructions, Targets +BONUS Free ParaBands


Refined from many years in the throwing knife industry, Hunter Knives is proud to present it’s finest range of throwing knives designed for beginners to advanced throwers. This range includes preferences for single edge, double edge or traditional style blades. Sizes range from 6.5″ to 12″. Collect them all to help refine your throwing expertise.

When it comes to throwing knives size does matter. Basically the bigger the knife the more it weighs and the easier it is for you to stick into the target.

Every set comes with a bonus pocket size throwing instructions, competition size paper target and for a limited time, each set comes with a FREE Para Band Survival Bracelet valued at $9.90.


The Game is for 2 or more players and is based on the American Competition Rules for knife throwing. Each player is given 5 throws at 5 targets from 4 different distances, the player with the most points wins. This is an awesome game to play with your friends to get them involved in your hobby. Hone your skills to a dart-like accuracy and amaze your friends when you play.

The Game comes with 2 sets of 6.5″ throwing knives in separate sheaths, 5 competition size paper targets, 4 distance markers and of course The Rule Book which explains everything from safety, set up, rules, scoring and how to throw knives.

Every set of The Game comes with a 2 x FREE Hunter Knives Para Band Survival Bracelet valued at $18.80. Unbeatable value!!!

The Game Features

  • 6 x 6.5″ Black throwing knives with sheath
  • 6 x 6.5″ Silver throwing knives with sheath
  • Carry case
  • The Rule Book
  • 5 x competition size paper target
  • 4 x distance markers
  • Bonus FREE gift – 2 x Para Cord Survival Bracelets
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Australia)
The Game Specifications
Blade Length: 8cm
Overall Length: 16.5cm (6.5″”)
Weight: 50g each knife
Overall Weight: 850g
Blade Steel: 420 Stainless Steel
Sheath: 600D Nylon

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